Notes: 6.8% ABV, purchased May 4, pairs well with Gouda, apparently.

Sight: Hazy light amber with a huge head that sticks.

Smell: Like the bottle says: Fresh pears, herbal hops and wildflowers. It’s sweet and sticks to your face, but in a pleasant way.

Taste: There’s a spicy hop kick up front that stays, with a little honey biscuit malt to “balance” out a bit of astringency in the finish. Other flavors that stand out include pine resin, a little pepper and a lot of berry.

The Grade: B. It looks like an IPA and smells like a candle. It tastes juicy, but a little unbalanced. I’m torn because it’s such a mixed bag and it comes from one of my favorite breweries, but it doesn’t stand up to other California IPAs or other beers from Anderson Valley. So I’ll put it this way: Buy it because it’s a nice spring beer.

Beer Highlight: Anderson Valley Spring Hornin’ IPA

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