Guess what I’m drinking tonight! It’s not a local brew. Or from Colorado, the west or (arguably) a respectable craft brewery.

But listen, I got this really good deal on a IPA Hop-ology combo pack, and I wanted to try it. So far there’s a lot of what I expected, but surprise! There are also a few that I really enjoy.

This one, for example, surpassed my very, very low expectations. Samuel Adams Latitude IPA is a clear ruby/copper and smells like sweet, spicy hops (imagine Hawaiian rolls). The taste is hoppy, but not too bitter. According to beeradvocate, what I’m experiencing is hop oil, but I’m somehow okay with that in this case. I give it an 88.

I have one more beer to go out of the six, but I may not get to for a while. My 100th reviewed beer is coming up, and there’s no way it’s going to be that one.

Stay posted.

What’s wrong with me!

2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with me!

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