#100: 10th anniversary Stone Ruination IPA


Ohhh yeahhhh. It’s the century mark.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been keeping a log of all the sweet tasty beers that go into my belly. And if it’s taught me anything, it’s that there’s too much beer. I mean, I am at 100 beers and I haven’t even tried everything in Fort Collins, let alone Colorado, let alone the US. But I guess if there’s any addiction to have, this would be pretty high on the list. Plus, it’s saving me from Sterling’s uranium water.

So to celebrate my grand achievement, I’ve chosen a genuine hop monster: the 10th anniversary Stone Ruination IPA. I tried the original at some point, but it became a victim of Fourth of July craziness…oops. I do remember it being stupid well-rounded and full of hoppy tasty goodness. I don’t think it’s available on the East Coast, but if you can find it, it’s pretty affordable and definitely worth the pick up.

Anyways, whatever regular stone ruination is, this is double that. It’s a bubbling, frothing jumble of beer emotions (but it’s still brewed with the same recipe). It’s a 10.8% ABV, 110 IBU monstrosity. But it’s also pretty well balanced.

The beer pours a bright copper and gives off a nice, thick beige head. It’s got the full spicy hop smell you would think it’d have, but I also got some grapefruit and a little bit of peach, which I know sounds weird.

But the bottle stays true to its word. It says on the front that it has been ruining palates for 10 years, and I believe it. But holy shit, I have no idea how they balanced this thing. Of course there is a lot of western hop flavor, especially on the mid-palate, but it’s also slightly bready.

It’s not even the most bitter beer I have ever had. You get it mostly on the back end and it increases over time, bye-bye the time you know how bitter it is the alcohol content has made your whole body warm and fuzzy and you can’t even tell. The after effects feel like you’ve taken a whiskey shot, but left the harshness.

Overall it’s definitely a big, bold, smart double IPA that doesn’t have some of the punishment that other double IPAs have. Don’t get me wrong, having more than a couple glasses of this at one time will make your face go numb but at least it won’t punish you in the process. It’s not my absolute favorite, but considering it’s only using the ingredients of the regular stone IPA, I think it did pretty well. It’s a 92 for me and absolutely worth buying if you can find it.

Here’s to the next 100!


What’s wrong with me!


Guess what I’m drinking tonight! It’s not a local brew. Or from Colorado, the west or (arguably) a respectable craft brewery.

But listen, I got this really good deal on a IPA Hop-ology combo pack, and I wanted to try it. So far there’s a lot of what I expected, but surprise! There are also a few that I really enjoy.

This one, for example, surpassed my very, very low expectations. Samuel Adams Latitude IPA is a clear ruby/copper and smells like sweet, spicy hops (imagine Hawaiian rolls). The taste is hoppy, but not too bitter. According to beeradvocate, what I’m experiencing is hop oil, but I’m somehow okay with that in this case. I give it an 88.

I have one more beer to go out of the six, but I may not get to for a while. My 100th reviewed beer is coming up, and there’s no way it’s going to be that one.

Stay posted.

Make sure to check the ABV…


Just drank Breckenridge brewery’s 471IPA. Wasn’t the hop bomb they hyped it up to be, but it was still delicious. Very well balanced, and definitely one to check out.

Also, it’s 9.2% ABV. Yeah, that caught me off guard. Still, I guess a night cap is supposed to put you to sleep. There’s nothing wrong with a 12:30 beer to finish off your day, regardless of its strength.