Last week was a big week for me in the beer world. I got published! That’s right. The fine folks of the Sterling Journal-Advocate were lucky enough to get my sweet, sweet beer advice, which you all know is top-notch (I am so sorry, northeast Colorado).

The good news is I’ll get a little more incentive to write about some fantastic beers and share my uninformed views with the world. The bad news is they link to this blog, so I have to provide you wonderful people with MORE updates, and I know how much I clog up your Twitter feeds and Facebooks with the amount I post now. It’ll be okay.

Anyways, last week I talked about a beer I briefly mentioned on here called Hoegaarden (If you haven’t seen it, check it out at http://www.journal-advocate.com/sterling-food/ci_20472894/hoegaarden-wit-blanche-surprising-bottle-sunshine). What’s cool is one of my favorite podcasts, The Beer Temple, covered the same beer in a Belgian Wit episode the same day my review came out. It’s about half an hour, but you’ll get something out of it if you watch the first 10 minutes, at least. Very cool. Check it out at http://craftbeertemple.com/videoblog/. It’s episode #97.

And that’s it. No review today, but check for a review in the Food section of the Journal-Advocate tomorrow. It should be something excellent.